Taking The Entrepreneur Education Experience Virtual

Hello! We’re Owners Circle, a business academy and venture builder. Since 2016, we’ve been helping our community of scale-up entrepreneurs achieve transformational growth through proven tools & systems. Many have breakthrough growth bottlenecks and achieved extraordinary results. We've transformed our physical training into this virtual academy so that we can impact more entrepreneurs in Southeast Asia.

Businesses We’ve Impacted


“Thank you for this powerful framework. My biggest takeaway is to plan ahead and not “wait-and-see". Rather than feeling restless, we are now working on a contingency plan to help innovate and sustain our business.”

Elyna Tan, CEO of Paradise Group Malaysia, which owns Beauty in The Pot & more

“Thank you for the Crisis Innovation Canvas! This rescue framework has helped us rethink our business and let go what doesn’t work in the past. It has taught us how to restart, reposition talents and resources, and realign everyone to fight this crisis.”

Chuang Von Fah, Penang Famous Teochew Chendul

“This has helped me to make firm and fast decisions to salvage and turn the current crisis into opportunity. Everyone knows there is opportunity in crisis but nobody knows how to execute it without a framework. This Canvas enabled me to map out a strategic plan and act on it in just a matter of hours.”

Jon Lai, Founder of Kiper and Jonlivia, an E-commerce company

“No bullsh*t! For business owners who want to survive and thrive in the Covid-19 crisis, or any disaster, I urge you all to join this training. There is just so much you can learn from this, coming from a fellow entrepreneur who has overcome crisis numerous times and emerged stronger!”

Michael Teoh, Founder of Thriving Talents, a corporate training company

“In need of innovating your business in such crisis? The Crisis Innovation Canvas is a tool where it gives clarity on your way moving forward. Now, I have a structure to organise my thoughts and a clear direction to innovate my business.”

Teoh Chon Giap, Founder of Wescale, an events & education company

“I have been in business for more than 26 years. The MCO gave me a lot of anxiety. I felt that it wasn’t possible to move forward with my traditional business as I didn’t have anything in the digital space. I thought this was a dead-end... Until I discovered the Crisis Innovation Strategy. Now, I have clarity and can put things in a framework that I can easily implement.”

Jennifer Ong, Founder and CEO of HAPA Group

Tactical & Practical Programs for Business Leaders

As an entrepreneur, you're already self-motivated and driven to succeed. You don't need more motivational and mindset programs - what you really need is tactical programs that will help you achieve your business goals. Our programs are designed to be practical and hands-on, with our community serving as an accountability and support group to make sure you're constantly working towards your finish line.