About The StrengthsFinder

It’s 2021 already. Are you a businessperson or a career-driven person looking into your bazi and fengshui to hopefully make your year ahead better?

HELLO. It doesn't work that way!

Bazi and fengshui has its merits… But it can only go so far. YOU need to work on YOU.

Read this if you feel like you’ve worked very hard for the last few years but keep feeling like you’re pushing against a strong current that you will never win.

In your professional life or in business… Do you sometimes feel like you’re a fish trying to climb a tree?

Do you feel like you lack certain skills or talents to make things work…

That’s why you put in the extra effort to improve on your shortcomings…

But you end up increasingly frustrated because it doesn’t work.

Well, it’s not your fault. The education has forced monkeys to swim and fishes to climb trees for the first 20 years of our lives.

Perhaps the answer to your reason of feeling “you’re not enough” boils down to your talents are being used at the wrong place?

Imagine if you have been a fish trying to climb a tree all your life… What would happen if you were to go back into your element? In water, you’d fly, right?

The reason why you feel like you’re always fighting against the current?

Most of us are not playing to strengths!

We’ve been conditioned since young to work on our shortcomings. But who else in this world told us to play to our strengths?

It’s time to take charge of the narrative and start introducing better productivity and happiness into our lives!

You see, everyone is born to be good at something. But perhaps your business or career needed you to play a different role, that’s why you’re growing increasingly tired of doing things that were not your strength to begin with.

If you run a business, or even manage a big team… Take this pandemic low season as an opportunity to rediscover yourself, your team strengths…

So that you can really tap into your strengths and talents to increase your productivity in work and life!

This is NOT like the DISC personality test… This is not the Myers-Briggs test… It goes far deeper.

We have been using a PROVEN 50 years old technique and assessment called the Gallup StrengthsFinder. It has been used by Fortune 500 companies, business leaders and individuals to uncover what they need to know about themselves to be focused on being better at work, career and life.

You can buy the test yourself online for about USD50 and you will receive a report that will explain the top 5 out of 34. We can also do that for you BUT what we can do for you MORE is to explain in VERY detail about every one of the 34 strengths AND tell you what you need to do to use it and gain an extra edge over another person OR leverage on others.

For a limited time only, Raymond Chou, People & Process Specialist, who has been helping leading organizations across Asia is sharing his knowledge on how each of us can discover and understand the talents needed to excel in life, business and careers.

So that you can live up to your potential…

So that your teams can work better…

So that we waste less time on things that are not our strengths

And really going full force on our strengths

To finally seeing increased happiness, productivity and focus in business and life!

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What Do You Get?

  • Get the 34 StrengthsFinder Report

  • Get a Detailed Report Reading & Explanation Of Each Strength

  • Learn How To Do It For Your Teams

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