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Course Overview

Leadership. Execution. Alignment. Delegation. is a proven People & Process framework to build high performance teams through the power of structured habits and digital tools. Walks you through the Purpose, Process and People strategies to cultivate a high trust environment so that your teams can thrive and propel your business towards maximum growth.

Build High Performance Teams & Break The One Man Show Curse Forever

How would you like to finally feel that you are no longer the sole ranger in the business... And finally have an Avengers or Justice League high performance team working for you?

To have the execution lifted off your shoulders so that you can focus on what leaders should be doing... Leading the business and creating the strategic roadmap for growth?

Finally achieving your dreams of having more time, freedom and happiness... Not just for you as the entrepreneur, for your teams so that they find joy in working for you and stick around a little bit longer...

Most of us have been stuck in business for a long time.

Hoping to find a golden key to success.

But studies and real-life experiences have shown that people make the company, not the other way around.

Master the formula of Leadership. Execution. Alignment. Delegation and be prepared to finally see your business take off and fly!

Your opportunity to finally be on the business rather than constantly struggling in the business is finally here.

Whether you’re a self-employed entrepreneur hoping to build a team, or a seasoned business owner struggling to rally your existing teams to work harder and faster, or even a high-level executive in a corporate... This program is for Business Leaders who want to break free of the “one man show” curse once and forever.

Be a Better Business Leader

  • LEADERSHIP. Learn the core principles of what it takes to be a leader who inspires confidence and motivates action.

  • EXECUTION. Discover what are the steps necessary to plan execution across your entire organization to ensure high efficiency across all divisions, gearing your company for high growth

  • ALIGNMENT. Learn how to align your people towards company goals so that no talent, resource or precious time is ever wasted on inefficient or unproductive work and processes

  • DELEGATION. Master the art of delegating relevant work processes to the right people and put them in the right place to thrive. Spend more time being the master strategist of your business rather than firefighting and being hands-on on operations all the time

  • Implementation Over Information

  • Accountability Groups

  • Practical, Hands-On Support

What You Will Learn in 8 Weeks

  • Week 1 - Finding Your Purpose & Discovering Your Peaks

    Discover your WHY in business

  • Week 2 - Core Values & Measurements

    Building culture & core values so that your teams do the right thing even when you're not looking.

  • Week 3 - Accountability Matrix & Dream Board

    How to keep your teams accountable and ensure that everyone is working towards their dreams and company goal

  • Week 4 - Team Strengths & Personality

    Tap into the unique personality of your teams and play to their strengths, not weaknesses

  • Week 5 - Role Personas & Job Descriptions

    How to carve out the right seat so that you will naturally draw the right people to work for you

  • Week 6 - Designing KPIs / OKRs

    How to design Key Performance Index (KPI) and Objective Key Results (OKR) so that you are constantly moving closer to your company goals

  • Week 7 - Meeting Rhythms & Scorecards

    The secret sauce behind conducting meetings that are goal-oriented, high-productivity and has everyone moving towards achieving results

  • Week 8 - ABCD Players & Mentoring Skills

    How to measure the strong and weak players in your team and how to coach them towards greatness. Know how to attract, hire, retain and exit

Ray Chou, Award-Winning Serial Entrepreneur

Your Master Trainer

Ray Chou is a serial entrepreneur since the age of 14. He has founded or co-founded 9 different companies in his business lifeline and was awarded a multitude of industry and business awards. Majority of his businesses has gone on to transacting multi-million dollars across Asia Pacific. The core of his success has been about his operational and executional excellence. This is why he dedicates his time to help other entrepreneurs to grow their companies 10x.

Success Stories From Our Community

“After implementing what we learnt, we strengthened our team and went on to double our revenue in less than a year. ”

Mr & Mrs Headley, Founders of Kitsui skincare & health brand

“Once we learnt how to build a team, we went from just 4 countries to 16 countries, tripling our revenue and our team size.”

YiShen Law & Samuel Soong, Founders of Sttoke Incorporated

“We doubled our teams and doubled our revenue in just a span of 11 months.”

Samantha Mah, Marketing Director of Love Earth Organic

“I’ve started delegating work to my teams and already starting to see the results. Now I can go back to do what I do best – baking and making customers happy.”

Eddie Tan, Founder of CakeTella

“Thanks to Ray’s guidance, I received step-by-step instructions on how to use people management tools to build leaders in my company.”

June Choo, Managing Director of TYT, a heritage business from Penang

“I grew my profits by 50% when I managed to recruit the right people using the strategies taught.”

Dr Lee Wai Wai, Founder of PetMedic Malaysia

“Our teams are now doing most of the work thanks to implementing the strategies. This freed up the Founders time to expand our portfolio into a profitable new business.”

JC Ngeoh, Co-Founder of SCM Asia

“Just mere weeks and I’ve already seen results. Now, I no longer play the “boss” role and start to play the strategic thinker role in my business.”

Tommy Wong, Founder of IT Company based in Malaysia

“When I learnt about Purpose and Peaks, that alone already justified the investment into the LEAD program! Thank you so much!”

Salleh, Founder of an F&B Business

Bonus Content

  • Tools, Blueprints and Action Plans

    Our proven set of tools and frameworks that has enabled businesses of various industries to consistently build high performance teams.

  • Owners Circle Community

    Get access to Owners Circle’s exclusive support group where you’ll create profitable partnerships and become a part of our inner circle community.

  • Digital Business Automation E-Book

    Get the ultimate digital tools checklist that will help you manage your companies more efficiently without increasing headcount

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