Course Overview

To empower business leaders with strategies to stand out in an overcrowded marketplace by championing a category.

Who Is This For?

1. Entrepreneurs who are a few years into the business and find that business is getting harder and harder to do. They are feeling stuck because of not knowing how to innovate.

2. Took over someone else's business and not sure if you're doing the right things right. Feeling tired because unsure of the future and wonder if this is the right business to continue with.

3. Entrepreneurs who are challenged with fast-changing business environment. Feeling lost because the market is moving very fast. Know that needs to change but don't know how.
Led by Jonathan Quek

During this Accelerator Program, you'll walk away with a clear Market Leadership Blueprint to:

  • Define - Target Market, Market Segmentation and Consumer Psychology

  • Differentiate - With Your Superior Value Proposition With Your Unique Business Ecosystem

  • Develop - Your Own Category & Your Own Blue Ocean Strategy

  • Dominate - Exploit Market Opportunities To Achieve Superior Profitability

With the Market Leadership Blueprint, you'll be able to:

  • Keep the growth that you've already earned.

  • Look for growth where it's likely to be found.

  • Take business from your competitors.

What You Will Get


    Learn The Innovative Strategies To Find The 7% Of Space To Dominate 70% Of Your Market


    1-Month Accelerator Bootcamp To Take You Step-By-Step Through 4 Different Phases To Create Your Category Champion Blueprint With Jonathan Quek Imagine Having A Weekly Plan, Direction, And Action Steps Given To You Every Single Week, Coaching You Every Step Of The Way.


    1-Month Peer-To-Peer Competition To Make Extra RM50K With New Strategies Created During The Accelerator Bootcamp

Your Investment