Experiential Certified NLP Practitioner

Our Certified NLP Practitioner Training is 8 days long and split across 3 modules and 3 weekends.

Upon successful completion of your Certified NLP Practitioner Training, there is a bonus for you to join our 2 days Time Line Therapy® Training for free!

You might say that this is too long, and you don’t have the time, and we get you.

But past participants believe that it is great to be able to spend so much time in our training to really explore the techniques and methodologies of NLP and Time Line Therapy® in every way possible.  You won’t get rushed through the exercises, because your learning is important to us.

You explore NLP through many, many exercises. This makes it highly experiential training. NLP is about working with body and mind to experience, how change and transformation are experienced. You won’t just sit there and listen to your NLP trainers, because this won’t bring you the experience of learning NLP.

Course Overview

Our Certified NLP and Time Line Therapy® Practitioner Training delivers more than just training – it is an experience from the first day and continues way beyond the completion of your NLP Practitioner and Time Line Therapy® training. NLP has been called the Art and Science of Personal and Professional Positive Excellence. It has been derived from studying how top people in different fields obtain outstanding results.

Your Learning Outcome

Recognize the importance of the Body-Mind Connection and how your thoughts create your results in life and career.

  • The secrets of instant rapport – connect with others at a deep emotional level. Learn the 3 hidden ingredients to succeed anytime, anywhere.

  • Create compelling and achievable goals – how often do you currently succeed in setting goals? Learn the magic of how to get to what you want

  • Master your emotions, anytime, anywhere – be relaxed, confident, happy, and passionate, or feel any emotion desired, when needed.

  • Conversational mastery and how to induce powerful & empowering states in those around you through the way you arrange your conversations.

  • Practice hypnotic language patterns with volition to achieve win-win outcomes. Learn to manage verbal and non-verbal communication

  • Understand how individuals, such as your family clients, customers, and employees process information and how they structure their thoughts

  • Why do we do what we do? Elicit inner strategies that determine our life.

  • Eliminate limited decisions, expressed in sentences such as “I cannot present”, “I cannot sell”, “I will never be the leader I want to be”, “I cannot get rich.” After their elimination, just imagine you can….

  • Overcome procrastination through easy-to-apply techniques – nearly everybody procrastinates, but there are ways to get over with it, once and for all!

  • And much more, such as: Eliminating phobias, creating a circle of excellence, see the world through the eyes of others…

Internationally Recognised Certifications

Upon the successful completion of the NLP Practitioner Training, you will receive:

Your Instructor For This Course

Andreas Dorn

Certified NLP Trainer and Master Coach

Andreas lives the passion to instil performance excellence and breakthroughs in individuals and organisations to make their dreams and aspirations come true. His objective is to see individuals and organizations excel to reach and exceed their own expectations. For biography and list of credentials: https://asiaminddynamics.com/andreas-dorn-certified-nlp-trainer-and-master-coach/

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