Course Overview

Discover how to build your funnel even when you have limited resources, no experience and doing everything by yourself in the shortest amount of time possible to get more sales.

Build Your Funnel with Yahui

Yahui is the digital marketing strategist of Owners Circle. She is the mastermind behind the company’s digital campaigns. Coming from a practitioner’s perspective, she reveals how cash-strapped SMEs can leverage on numerous free resources and digital tools to propel their brand and business to stardom.

What You Will Learn

  • How to generate quality leads without bursting your budget

  • How to execute the campaign even if you are strapped for resources

  • The simple “Fisherman” framework to immediately get the target audience you want

  • How to build your Offer to Attract the right pool of audience, Convert them and finally Filter down the best customers who will pay you top dollars for your services

  • What are the digital tools available to you to automate your marketing processes and make your life easier so you can focus on the business and let technology do the heavy lifting for you

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